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The Innovation and Development Study Tour 2017-06-05

Mr. Lu Zhengrong, the general manager of our company, was invited to participate in the Innovation and Development Study Tour of the Leading Entrepreneurs of Guanhu Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen in Xunliao Bay of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.

Online lecture in May 2017-05-25

The first online lecture in May was launched by the administration department on May 11 night and the management of the company and the civilian staff took part in it. The topic of this lecture is The Powers of the Mind Achieves Succes

New Employee Orientation on April 27 2017-05-25

The company prepared a new employee orientation for the new employees on April 27, and there were 18 new employees took part in it. The orientation covered the following aspects: the development of our company, the scope of business

Shenzhou Family Lunar March Birthday Party 2017-05-25

The administration department held a special birthday party for the lunar March birthday persons on April 26 night. The birthday party was held at the cinema and it was the first time for us to hold a birthday party here. We lit&nbs

Shenzhou Family Lunar February Sweet Birthday Part 2017-05-25

To strengthen the company’s sense of cohesion and enhance employees’ sense of belonging, our company will hold the group birthday party for employees each month. Most importantly, it can show human concern and promote the building

Online Lecture of Huaqi Business School 2017-05-25

The Administration Department prepared an online lecture of Huaqi Business School for the management of the company and the civilian staff in the training room at 6:30pm on March 22. The topic of this online lecture is The&

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